The criminal code enacted by municipalities typically includes fines and penalties limited to a maximum sentence of 1 year incarceration and fines of up to $2,500.00.

In municipal courts speedy trial is 90 days.   In some municipal cases the defendant does not have a right to a jury trial: The accused's only option is a bench trial, or trial by a judge.

If eligible for a jury trial, the defendant must make a written request by a certain date and pay a fee, ordinarily $25.00.

Municipal court handles misdemeanor and petty offenses and is prosecuted by the City Attorney.  The prosecutor has to prove the accused violated the municipal code beyond a reasonable doubt.  Municipal codes can include many diverse violations; some are similar to the crimes in the state criminal code. For example there are public order and safety offenses, e.g. Disturbance of the peace, Assault, Trespass, Possession of graffiti materials prohibited, Weapons and Missiles Crimes, e.g. Dangerous or deadly weapons-Prohibitions, Throwing stones or missiles, Panhandling, Morals Crimes, e.g. Gambling on public ways and streets, Sexual Offenses, e.g. Public

Indecency,Prostitution, Drugs and Intoxicants, e.g. Disorderly intoxication, Toxic vapors, Non-Licensed marijuana cultivation.